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Fast Way to an A™ OVERVIEW

Fast Way to an A™ was developed by a teacher, then principal at the prestigious Brentwood School in Los Angeles.

Fast Way to an A™ did NOT tutor students; nor did it teach memorization, which is oftentimes what occurs in the learning environment. No. Instead the program showed students how to become better studiers and receivers of information - - and in RECORD TIME with minimal effort.

Fast Way to an A™ produced quantifiable results in the very next testing periods – not 3 or 6 months later, but the VERY NEXT TESTING PERIOD.

Report cards showed immediate results as well, oftentimes moving grades 2 levels. Ds became Bs and Cs and Bs became As.

This program will change your child's life. The reason we can say this is because not only will your child obtain better grades almost overnight, but he or she will be learning how to read and listen to information differently. The skills taught by Fast Way to an A™ are easily transferred into the real world.

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What Makes This Program Unique

1) The program is affordable. Unlike tutors and tutoring companies that can quickly climb to 3, 4 or even 5 THOUSAND $, Fast Way to an A™ has a one-time, extremely affordable purchase price. For roughly the cost of 2 family nights out, your son or daughter can increase his or her self esteem, decrease friction in the home and obtain better grades literally on his or her very next test.

2) Fast Way to an A™ is simple to implement. The program has been designed to follow simple step by step practices that permit your child to quickly identify information that will be used on tests by his or her teachers.

3) Fast Way to an A™ is made for young and old. The program has helped people as young as 8 and as old at 57 to become better studiers/students.

4) Fast Way to an A™ is fully self-contained. Unlike other programs that purport to give you everything you need to accomplish whatever, only to find out later that you are missing key components, Fast Way to an A™ provides every single module necessary to move from start to finish without requiring any additional purchases.

5) Fast Way to an A™ includes an instructional DVD that goes beyond mere instructions. The DVD included with this program not only walks you and your son or daughter through the entire system, but takes learning to a new level in it method of communication directly to your child. The DVD was created by Richard Hart who has a very unique and effective style of communicating with children between the ages of 10 and 20.

6) Fast Way to an A™ includes an UNCONDITIONAL NO QUESTIONS ASKED 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Use the program for 60 full days and if you have not seen a dramatic change in your child and his or her test scores and grades, simply return it for a full refund of your purchase price - - no questions asked.


Why This Program Was Created

Dan Basmagian struggled as a student himself. After choosing education as his vocational field, he saw many of his students struggling in the same manner he had. Dan made it his life purpose to design a program that would enable students to become better studiers, or receivers of information. He developed the program and tested it on his own son and daughter. Once they achieved success, he brought the program into the Brentwood School, a prestigious private school located in Brentwood, Los Angeles. There he watched his own students excel in their studies through the use of the program. As time went on, Dan became Lead Special Studies Instructor and then principal. All the while perfecting the program to the level it currently exists.

At the same time Dan's students were achieving better test results and thereby better grades, Dan was beginning to hear from parents that home life was also improving. The fights over homework and studying were disappearing, children's self-esteem was improving. The program was not only creating better students but better people.


What Does the Program Include

What you get when you invest in Fast Way to an A™

The Program Binder. The Program Binder contains the heart of the program. There are simple to follow instruction sheets with easy to understand samples. We have also included an original set of blank forms in the event additional copies are needed.
Sections of the Program Binder are:
Mnemonic Pictures
Vocabulary (which contains 2 sub-sections)
Reading and Comprehension (which contains 2 sub-sections)
Class Notes
and Math Skills

The Ultimate Notebook. The Ultimate Notebook consists of 2 sections.
The first section contains a complete set of blanks for your son or daughter to use throughout the semester, thereby alleviating you from burning toner or spending valuable time running over to the copy place to make additional copies.
The second section contains course dividers and index tabs which quickly allow your child to place his or her completed paperwork immediately into the section where it belongs.

The Instructional DVD. This DVD not only takes you step by step through the entire program, but it also contains valuable information that will jump start your child into the program.

Bonus Items. There are 8 Bonus items that are yours to keep even if you decide to return the program. These items include Types of Tests, Test Taking Strategies, The 60 Minute Learning System and 5 additional informative topics. The Types of Tests and Test Taking Strategies are so valuable in and of themselves, that if your child did nothing more than review these 2 items, he or she would experience better scores on his/her very next test.

60 Day Unconditional No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

The Parent-Student Agreement.


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